How To Plan A Baby Funeral: Memorial Ideas For Your Infant Loss

Losing a family member is never easy, but when that family member is a baby, it’s even more difficult. If you find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance, the two most important things to have are a plan and a support system.

Ask for the help you need and let your loved ones know what you’re going through. This is the time when you need to pull in your supports and use the strength they have to share.

For ideas on how to remember your little one with a baby funeral, read ahead and see what helped other individuals going through this.

Siblings and the Baby Funeral

Make sure you include the siblings and their creative ways to honor their sibling. If they feel like they are a part of the mourning process, they will be more able to discuss their feelings with you.

It also lets them know what they’re feeling is important and understandable. Find out if they would like to leave a stuffed animal or special remembrance object with the baby before they are laid to rest.

Let them know they are welcome to share items that help them feel closer and show the baby they are loved. This will be something you can talk with them over time as they feel more comfortable sharing how they feel through the years.

Remember the Joy

It’s easy to focus on negative feelings when they are so strong and current.

In order to heal though, you want to focus on the love you were able to feel. Include this in the service, so your memories will be about how the baby was loved and cared for, no matter how long they were actually with you.

The precious memories of the baby’s life and the joy they brought to your family should be treasured. This is what will help you get through the difficult days ahead. It will also help with the memories as they come up over time.

Plan the Best Remembrance

There are professionals who are able to help you with service planning. They understand how to do this with compassion, empathy, and understanding.

With their assistance, you can put together the perfect service that includes either cremation or a regular burial. Your budget will be a part of this decision, but they can help you with these choices.

Let them know whether you’re working with insurance or not. They understand that finances are difficult to think about during this time, but it is necessary.

Get Help Preparing the Service

When you’re ready to move forward with saying goodbye to your little one, bring in the baby funeral experts. Contact them by either phone or email, whatever is most convenient.

After this event is over, you’ll appreciate being able to look back and think about the service memories. Enjoy the love they brought, remember the feeling of joy and understand that this is a process. It may take time, but you will continue on with your life, as they would want you to.

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How to Plan a Military Funeral Service for Your Fallen Loved One

Did you know that active military members and veterans make up less than 10% of the population?

Since it takes a special kind of person to serve, fallen heroes deserve to have a proper military funeral service.

Do you need help planning an honorable funeral? Keep reading for some must-know tips.

Gather Necessary Documents to Start Planning a Military Funeral

In order to plan a military funeral, there are a few steps that need to be covered. Since the process of gathering the necessary paperwork and reporting to the right office can be difficult for grieving families, it’s helpful to find a funeral director that can help take care of everything.

Speaking with an experienced funeral director can also give you peace of mind that you won’t forget any details during the planning.

Write a Touching Obituary

In order to honor the deceased, they should have an obituary that outlines their accomplishments. It’s also a nice touch to add a special photo of them in their uniform.

An online obituary is a convenient way to inform family, friends, and others who have served alongside them when the funeral will take place. Including the service details will ensure their funeral is well attended.

Include Military Honors Funeral Traditions

Traditional military funeral honors include a flag folding ceremony with two current members of the military and a bugler who plays “Taps”. Families can also request a presidential memorial certificate that is signed by the current president of America.

Although these are the typical military funeral events, feel free to plan other activities that you think would best honor your loved one. Since there are no rules, you should also consider how the deceased would like to be remembered.

Plan Your Full Military Honors Funeral in a Veterans’ Cemetery

If you’d like to bury your loved one among their brothers and sisters in arms, there are plenty of cemeteries across the country that are reserved for veterans. In order to secure a plot, make sure you contact a funeral director to ensure the proper paperwork and notifications have been sent to the cemetery.

You can also honor the deceased by ordering a custom gravestone. You can write any message, titles, or other important details about your loved one’s legacy. Each time you visit their grave, you’ll be filled with pride.

How to Cover Costs of a Military Funeral Service

Traditional funerals can cost thousands of dollars. Grieving families of fallen heroes shouldn’t have to worry about covering these fees.

In order to give your loved one a proper funeral, the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs can compensate families up to $2,000 to help cover service fees. Be sure to read their terms to see if your loved one is eligible to receive these benefits.

Do You Need Professional Funeral Care?

Now that you know how to plan a military funeral service, you can ensure that your loved one’s memory is honored.

Do you need helping planning a funeral near Wilmington, Delaware? If so, Brandywine Valley Funeral Care would love to assist you through this difficult time.

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What Are The Best Burial Urns? A Guide To Picking The Best Urns for Ashes

Losing a loved one can be a trying and emotional period in your life. There are a lot of end of life issues to contend with. Finalizing expenses and burial options can also be very overwhelming.

But trying to find a final resting place for the deceased is also very complicated. If you’re considering cremation, you’ve probably looked at several burial urns.

But what are the best urns for your loved one? How are your final goodbyes going to go? Are you going to keep some of their remains with you? Or are you scattering them in a special place they always loved?

These are all things you should consider before picking the urn. Keep reading to find out more.

Laying Your Loved One to Rest

For many, cremation is the ideal way to take care of their loved one’s remains. It’s often cheaper. But it also allows survivors to carry a piece of that relative with them for a long while.

Cremation can lead to some interesting memorial choices too. It allows you to channel your loved one’s creative side. Some urns can be true expressions of their life.

You’ll have to decide how you want to lay your loved one to rest, whether it be scattered across their favorite beach, interred at their favorite historical marker or placed in a place of honor on your bookshelf.

Pick the Right Size

There are several sizes of urns to choose from. If you and your surviving family members want to keep a little bit of your deceased loved one, you may want to consider a token or memento urn.

These urns are small in stature and only hold a very small portion of cremated remains. But they can be great choices for those with larger families. These tiny urns can be a good option too if you’ve scattered your deceased’s remains but don’t want to scatter all of them.

Find the Right Materials

Urns come in all shapes and sizes. They come in different types of materials too. Many are considering biodegradable urns. These urns can be used as seed receptacles so when you bury your loved one, eventually a tree will grow from their pod.

This is a creative and unique way to say goodbye to your relative while keeping a small part of them with you forever.

Unique urns can become great conversation starters for you and your loved ones. If you decide to keep the remains of the deceased, find something that will channel their creative spirit.

Finding the Right Burial Urns for Your Loved One

Saying goodbye is never easy.

Finding the right way to farewell your loved ones can seem complicated. We’ll be able to walk you through the planning process and help you pick the right burial urns for the creative person you must say goodbye too.

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What Color Flowers For Funeral Services Are The Most Meaningful?

One of life’s most difficult times is experiencing the loss of a loved one. In addition to grief, there are so many plans and decisions to be made.

As a friend or family member who wishes to show their love and support, sending flowers has always been part of the funeral tradition. In fact, this custom dates back to thousands of years BC.

Flowers show respect, bring comfort and offer heartfelt sentiments. They are a symbol of hope and warmth for honoring the loved one who has passed away.

Did you know that the type and color of the flowers used to carry different meanings? Below you will find answers to the question on what color flowers for funeral arrangements are appropriate for your unique expression of sympathy.


Lilies are an all-time favorite choice for funerals. Overall the lily represents restored innocence for the one who has passed away.

The all-white lily represents purity and the pink and white stargazer lily is a direct symbol of sympathy.


Carnations are very fragrant and they tend to last a long time. They are used very often in funeral flower arrangements.

A red carnation is a symbol of admiration and affection. The pink one is used for remembrance and in Christian circles, it is thought to be connected to the Virgin Mary’s tears.

White carnations represent innocence and pure love.

What Color Flowers for Funeral Arrangements When Using Roses

Roses are another highly popular flower used in funeral arrangements and they mix well with other favorite choices.

Red roses denote love, respect, and courage. White roses speak to humility, youthfulness, and innocence. The white rose also stands for reverence.

Crimson roses show deep sorrow and are a sign of grief. The color pink signifies appreciation and grace.

Yellow roses show the strong bond of friendship. There is even a dark pink rose that is often added to express thankfulness towards the one who has passed away.


The gladiolus has a tall stem with stunning flowers that is used to show sincerity, integrity, and character.

They come in a variety of colors and all can be used in elegant arrangements as a show of high respect.


Mums have a different meaning across Europe than they do in the US. In Europe, they are a flower strongly associated with death and grief. Here in the United States, we use them to represent truth and cheerfulness.

When choosing chrysanthemums, white is the best choice.

Tulips and Daffodils

Tulips and daffodils are the express symbol of spring and a sign of renewal. Within a flower arrangement for a funeral, they are used to bring hope and encouragement to those grieving.

Tulips also show grace and elegance. Tulips in the color yellow denote cheerfulness. White tulips are used to represent forgiveness. True love is shown through red tulips and a purple tulip denotes royalty.

If you want to ease the burden on your loved ones when that time comes, there is a benefit to pre-planning your final arrangements.

The Choice

Showing respect and expressing sympathy using flowers is a beautiful long-held tradition. Understanding what color flowers for funeral arrangements to use goes a long way in adding a personal touch to your beautiful gift.

For more information on which type of arrangement to use or with help in choosing the perfect flowers for your sentiments please reach out.