One of life’s most difficult times is experiencing the loss of a loved one. In addition to grief, there are so many plans and decisions to be made.

As a friend or family member who wishes to show their love and support, sending flowers has always been part of the funeral tradition. In fact, this custom dates back to thousands of years BC.

Flowers show respect, bring comfort and offer heartfelt sentiments. They are a symbol of hope and warmth for honoring the loved one who has passed away.

Did you know that the type and color of the flowers used to carry different meanings? Below you will find answers to the question on what color flowers for funeral arrangements are appropriate for your unique expression of sympathy.


Lilies are an all-time favorite choice for funerals. Overall the lily represents restored innocence for the one who has passed away.

The all-white lily represents purity and the pink and white stargazer lily is a direct symbol of sympathy.


Carnations are very fragrant and they tend to last a long time. They are used very often in funeral flower arrangements.

A red carnation is a symbol of admiration and affection. The pink one is used for remembrance and in Christian circles, it is thought to be connected to the Virgin Mary’s tears.

White carnations represent innocence and pure love.

What Color Flowers for Funeral Arrangements When Using Roses

Roses are another highly popular flower used in funeral arrangements and they mix well with other favorite choices.

Red roses denote love, respect, and courage. White roses speak to humility, youthfulness, and innocence. The white rose also stands for reverence.

Crimson roses show deep sorrow and are a sign of grief. The color pink signifies appreciation and grace.

Yellow roses show the strong bond of friendship. There is even a dark pink rose that is often added to express thankfulness towards the one who has passed away.


The gladiolus has a tall stem with stunning flowers that is used to show sincerity, integrity, and character.

They come in a variety of colors and all can be used in elegant arrangements as a show of high respect.


Mums have a different meaning across Europe than they do in the US. In Europe, they are a flower strongly associated with death and grief. Here in the United States, we use them to represent truth and cheerfulness.

When choosing chrysanthemums, white is the best choice.

Tulips and Daffodils

Tulips and daffodils are the express symbol of spring and a sign of renewal. Within a flower arrangement for a funeral, they are used to bring hope and encouragement to those grieving.

Tulips also show grace and elegance. Tulips in the color yellow denote cheerfulness. White tulips are used to represent forgiveness. True love is shown through red tulips and a purple tulip denotes royalty.

If you want to ease the burden on your loved ones when that time comes, there is a benefit to pre-planning your final arrangements.

The Choice

Showing respect and expressing sympathy using flowers is a beautiful long-held tradition. Understanding what color flowers for funeral arrangements to use goes a long way in adding a personal touch to your beautiful gift.

For more information on which type of arrangement to use or with help in choosing the perfect flowers for your sentiments please reach out.