Jacob Ryan Billings

December 12, 2020 | Salibsury, MD

Jacob Ryan Billings passed away December 12, 2020.  Jacob resided in Salisbury, MD.


  1. My name is Bruce Billings Jr.. I was married to Jacob on February 9th 2013. We had two small Chihuahua puppies Barnie and nugget, they were the main joys in our lives. Jacob was a big lover of the show’s Big Brother and Survivor, He even tried to et on Big Brother a couple times and almost made it twice he made it to the New York trial but never got further than that. He spent the last couple years of his life struggling with the MS, that eventually took a toll with his happiness. The Love 💘 I shared with Jacob will carry me through the rest of my days, but he will be missed so much. We spent all of our time together twenty-four hours a day, when we were able. My health was failing the last few years as well so we did not spend as much time together as we wanted to the last year-and-a-half. I will never forget the love that we had . Jacob was my soulmate. I can’t even see past the next few minutes as these days go by without Jacob here . I just know that. Jacob is watching down and one day we will be together again. But I would like to thank Brandywine for everything that you’ve done, Jacob’s mother who helped with the burial service because I was unable to .Jacobs Mother was Robin Carter of Fallston MD. As well as a younger brother, Aaron Carter and stepfather Douglas Carter. His grandparents Bob and Joan Armstrong. Jacob was predeceased by his grandmother and his grandfather is still living. He has two step-brothers Wade and Justin Carter. And my parents Bruce and Linda Billings. Of Salisbury MD . Jacob was a true Son to them. They helped us with a home we shared most of our marriage. I want to thank you for the cremation service that you carried out and know that it means a lot to me that you handled him respectfully and with expedient care I just want to say thank you..

    Bruce Billings Jr | January 8, 2021 at 3:43 PM

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