Leah A. Rambo

January 28, 2022 | Milford, DE

Leah A. Rambo passed away January 28, 2022.  Leah resided in Milford, DE.


  1. Leah was a special lady who we will miss.
    Prayers to her Family.

    Stan Sarnocinski | February 3, 2022 at 2:07 AM
  2. Leah A. Schlosser [Rambo] was my friend. Most folks who got to spend any time at all with her grew fond of her, or more. Leah loved life. Her kindness shone in her eyes and her quick laugh was almost musical. I remember Leah playing music as an extension of her faith on social media. Leah renewed her spirit by spending time gardening or at the seashore. May you Rest In Peace beautiful friend.

    I dedicate this song by Roy Orbison to the memory of her life~

    Hey, Leah Leah
    Hey, Leah Leah
    Here I go
    From the hut to the boat to the sea for Leah
    Uh huh! I gotta go diving in the bay
    Gotta get a lot of oysters
    Find some pearls today
    To make a pretty necklace for Leah
    I gotta go deep and find the ones just right
    I’ll bet my Leah will be surprised tonight
    I’ll place the pearls around the only girl for me
    But something’s wrong
    I cannot move around
    My leg is caught
    It’s pulling me down
    But I’ll keep my hands shut tight for if they find me
    They’ll find the pearl for Leah
    And now it’s over
    I’m awake at last
    Oh, heartaches and memories from the past
    It was just another dream about my lost love
    About Leah
    Hey, Leah Leah
    Hey, Leah Leah
    Here I go
    Back to sleep and in my dreams
    I’ll be with Leah

    Source: Musixmatch
    Songwriters: R. Orbison
    Leah lyrics © Barbara Orbison Music Company, Roy Orbison Music Company, Roys Boys Llc

    Deborah Ziegler | April 21, 2022 at 2:35 PM
  3. Leah,
    We never met but yet I enjoyed the Sunday Organ plays you shared….I was happy when you played along when I guess what song it was that you played and never was even close..ha ha. It was fun one day all people who never got a chance to see your magic will all be in the front row. Rest easy and keep playing.

    Steve O | April 22, 2022 at 1:43 PM
  4. I hope you know how special you were in my life. Your positive outlook in everything we talked about encouraged me. Each and every day. Wow do I miss our talks.
    If ever there was a doubt about a person going to heaven when they pass, there is no doubt about you and the reward God will reap in your living soul. Just wish he gave you more time with your grandchildren. You sure were happy and proud if them.
    I really miss you! There’s a hole in my heart that cannot be filled.
    God bless your family; Barry, Brian and Lori.

    Galen (Russ) Stewart | April 25, 2022 at 8:35 PM

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