Pre-planning your funeral or cremation is the best, most efficient way to ensure your memorial/service needs and wishes are carried out when the time comes. When to pre-plan is up to you, but doing so early allows you to take advantage of both financial and emotional benefits.

Benefits of Prearrangement

Financial Benefits

End-of-life ceremonies and services are quite costly, and the final price tag can add up quickly. By pre-planning your funeral or cremation, you are able to reduce or eliminate the cost burden on your family members.

Emotional Benefits

Trying to plan and make final arrangement decisions during a time of loss can be overwhelming for your loved ones. Having plans taken care of in advance allows you to provide input on the services you want as well as eliminates the stress and anxiety that comes with trying to make these types of decisions under such high duress.

Prearrangement Form

To get started with pre-planning your funeral or cremation services, fill out our online prearrangement form by clicking below. A Brandywine Valley Funeral Care professional will be in touch with you to discuss your preplanning in greater detail.

Preplanning Form